Printesa Magica: confessions of the day after

sâmbătă, 18 septembrie 2010

confessions of the day after

I promised myself I will taste the forbidden ultimate soothing chocolate feeling today, but I actually tasted the bitterness of not having you here (which would be better than any sweet known to human kind even before "human" ever existed).
I do have "someone" here, but my soul feels empty, as always without you, and songs are whispering long forgotten tales of wonder. I sleep alone tonight for not enough presence of you and too much of complete oblivion. If not of us, no chocolate feels the same.
I always thought dreams ARE - at least for the smallest of us who cannot make real life as great as imagination ever could. Just because they ARE the dreams of (maybe after-)life they have a sense of reality, of not only dreams. Still- dreams are not real-they tell me.
I AM! Therefore the DREAMS of you are, maybe even YOU ARE...somewhere between the day dreaming world and the night believing a chocolate feeling, long forgotten,at least for now forbidden...

PS I know YOU know, you always did.


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